Unitary update - two websites for reference.

Unitary update

Two new websites have been launched offering a reliable source of information for our residents and partners about the move toward unitary governance in Northamptonshire.
Named 'Future Northants North' and 'Future Northants West' they carry the same core information while outlining the separate processes being followed in the north and west of the county.
The sites are available at

https://futurenorthantsnorth.org and https://www.futurenorthantswest.org/

These dedicated sites describe the process so far, who is involved, progress from public meetings, and news including details of the upcoming shadow authority elections.
This is by far and away the best means of keeping up to date with our progress.
There is understandably a great deal of speculation about our move toward unitary governance and these two sites will offer the most reliable means of ensuring the public and our partners are aware of the facts and keeping up to date on progress.

Best regards

Councillor Clive Hallam

Posted: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 23:10 by Maureen Holliday

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